FBX2 Series FAQ

What do I need to use a fan?
To use a fan with the FBX2, you’ll need the FireBoard Drive Cable and a compatible fan.

To use a fan with the FBX2D or FBX2K, you’ll need a compatible fan. The fan will plug directly into the FBX2D or FBX2K unit.

Can I also use a Drive Fan Cable and operate two fans?
No, but this might be a feature developed in the future via an OTA firmware update.

If you have two FireBoard units, they can both be connected to your FireBoard App account and each unit can operate a fan through the app. Please note that this would require two FireBoard units, with one Drive Fan Cable and fan per unit, operating on different Drive Programs.

Some users have found success using a y-cable splitter to run two fans at once: please note that the FireBoard will treat this as one fan and operate them as such.

If the fan plugs directly into the FBX2D/FBX2K unit, why is there an auxiliary port?
The auxiliary port is for possible future upgrades and accessories.

Does the USB-C port power the fan and keep FireBoard 2 Series unit charged?
Yes, the USB-C port is PD (Power Delivery) enabled which means it can shift into a 12V power input, providing plenty of power to run the fan at 100% while keeping the FireBoard running and charged for longer cooks.

What’s the difference between this and the original FireBoard (FBX11)?
The basic functionality is the same, but there are several key differences to the FBX2 models, including:

This comparison matrix illustrates the differences between FireBoard models.

Will it work with my phone/tablet?
The FireBoard requires that your mobile device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0+ hardware and runs either iOS or Android. To use FireBoard on your Apple product, make sure your device is one of the following with iOS8 or later:

To use your FireBoard on an Android device, make sure your device is on Android 5.0 or later and is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0+ radio.

Will my FBX11 power cable work with the FireBoard 2 Series?
No, the FireBoard 2 Series uses a USB Type-C charging cable, which comes with a kit order.

Will the probes I have work?
The FBX2 and FBX2D are compatible with thermistor and RTD probes, while the FBX2K is compatible with type-k thermocouple. Please visit the Probes section for more information about probes.

Is it waterproof?
The FireBoard 2 Series units are weather resistant, but not waterproof. The technical definition of water resistant is that it is able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not entirely.

While the built-in case makes the FireBoard more durable, care should still be taken to avoid over exposure to the elements.

Does it have WiFi, etc?
Yes, the FireBoard has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect to the FireBoard Cloud and remotely monitor your temperatures.

Can I really monitor temperatures from anywhere?
Yes! If your FireBoard is connected to the FireBoard Cloud (via Wifi) and you are able to access the FireBoard App via WiFi or data, then you can monitor your Sessions and Drive Programs.

What do the LED lights mean?
The lights will be red when the unit is powered on. The green flashing light indicates that the unit is working and receiving/sending information. The blue light means that Bluetooth is connected.

My FireBoard got rained on, what should I do?
If your FireBoard got wet/was exposed to water, do not turn it on; let the unit air dry completely before resuming operations. If you experience an issue after turning the unit on again, reach out to our customer support team at support@fireboard.com.

Are there magnets or a stand?
No, there are no magnets or stand built into the units. However, the FireBoard 2 Series units can stand upright on either side, with the screen rotating 180℉ to match orientation (the probe and power ports can face upright with the unit “upside down” and the screen oriented right-side up).

A magnetic base is also available for purchase.

Can I use the FireBoard with my gas, propane, or charcoal grill?
Absolutely! The thermistor temperature probes are rated up to 572°F, which should be satisfactory for most cooks on a grill. Temperatures inside of some grills may exceed the probe ratings, especially over a direct flame, so please use caution as you approach those higher temperatures.

How hot can the FireBoard get?
The FireBoard 2 Series units are rated to 140°F (60°C); according to our laboratory testing, we believe the device should withstand temperatures in excess of this rating. Despite those tests, certain components used within the FireBoard are only rated up to 140°F (60°C).

The thermistor probes and cables that come with the FBX2 and FBX2D are rated from 0°F to 572°F (-18° to 300°C). We also offer RTD versions of our probes that are rated from -58°F to 716°F (-50° to 380°C). The Type-K Thermocouple probes that come with the FBX2K are rated from -148 to 1202 ̊F (-100 to 650 ̊C), with a cable range of -148 to 842 ̊F (-100 to 450 ̊C). Learn more in the Probes section.

How long does the device take to charge? How long does the battery last?
The FireBoard should take between 4-6 hours to charge. The charging and power behavior is similar to a cell phone, where the device can be powered from USB and also recharge at the same time. The device will automatically turn on when it is plugged into USB Power.

The FireBoard’s Li-Ion rechargeable battery should last approximately 30 hours, unless a fan is being used (see Powering Your Fan for more information).

How do I keep it updated?
The FireBoard will automatically update when it is powered on and connected to WiFi.

What should I do if my FireBoard won’t turn on?
Follow the power troubleshooting guide to test your FireBoard.

What if my FireBoard needs repair?
If your FireBoard needs repair, either inside or outside the scope of warranty, please follow this guide to send your equipment back to our lab.