Probe FAQ

Do I need to change my probes settings on the App if I use RTD?
Yes, you will need to adjust the probe configuration.

Do ambient probes plug in the same as food probes?
Yes, the ambient probes have an identical plug on the end, so you can mix and match ambient/food probes however you would like. They are identical sensors inside, so they work exactly the same way.

Are the probes waterproof?
Our manufacturer for the probes confirms they are waterproof, and our testing supports this claim; however, we do not recommend submerging the probes for an extended period of time or submerging the probe cables.

Can I use the probes in oil?
Yes, the FireBoard probes can be used in oil for a deep fryer.

What’s the difference between competition probes and standard probes?
The competition probes have a thinner stem for smaller cuts of meat or smaller foods, leaving a smaller puncture in the food.

How do I wash the probes?
Use a soapy cloth with warm water to wipe away any buildup or debris from the probe and the cable. Be careful not to pull or kink the probe cable. The probes and cables should not be submerged in water or placed in a dishwasher.

How long are the probe cables?
They are 6′ in length. We also have probe extensions available, which add another 6′.

What probes can I use with my FireBoard?
The FBX11, FBX2, and FBX2D support thermistor and RTD probes. The FBX2K supports type-k thermocouple.

Can RTD Probes be used on a Yoder Smoker with a Built in FireBoard?

Is one type better than the other at measuring temperatures?

Can I just plug in a probe and go?
If you use the probes that come with the FireBoard, then yes! If you are using a different probe, make sure you adjust the probe type in the App.

My probes aren’t reading correctly. What should I do?
Follow the steps in the Probe Accuracy section first. If you continue to have reading discrepancies, contact us at