Drive Settings

Several options are available to customize how the FireBoard Drive operates. These options can be found on the FireBoard App by tapping the “Tool” icon in the top right when a fan is connected.

If you have more than one FireBoard with Drive active, the Drive Device dropdown allows you to choose which device’s Drive settings you wish to adjust.

Lid Detect

FireBoard Drive automatically detects a rapid drop in temperature and assumes a lid has been opened. Normally, the PID control algorithm would add fan power to compensate for the drop in temperature; however, this is the incorrect response to a lid opening. Since a lid opening adds a lot of oxygen to the smoker, the fan should instead turn off and wait for the lid to close and the temperature to stabilize.

In some cases, a rapid drop may occur without a lid opening, which is usually a sign that the smoker isn’t holding temperature without the fan. In this case, efforts should be made to stabilize the cooker. Remember, building a good fire and maintaining a steady temperature without a fan is the best recipe for success with a fan.

The lid detect feature can be turned off completely, or the length of time the system pauses when a lid opening is detected can be changed.

Advanced Settings

Several features are available which further the ability to customize how FireBoard Drive operates.


One of the most important settings is the PID Mode, which changes how the PID algorithm operates. We continue to test and improve upon how the PID system works. For more information about the PID algorithm, see About PID (/drive.

The choices for the different modes are:

About PID

The FireBoard Drive Fan Control system uses a PID algorithm to maintain a steady temperature. The PID control algorithm is made up of three main components:

We have continued to improve the control logic while preserving existing behavior for those who find their current settings work. The latest PID mode version is always recommended.
Learn more about the PID here.

Each of the components of a PID can be tuned in order to get the system to maintain a steady temperature. The FireBoard Drive system has several presets which can be changed; read more about how each of the presets operate here.

Fan Mode:

Max Fan Speed

This will limit your fan to running at the speed percentage indicated and is a good option if you continually overshoot your set point.