Repairs & Warranty

In the event your FireBoard (or FireBoard accessories) need repair, please use this guide to expedite the process. As a courtesy, feel free to email us regarding your intent to send equipment back for repair by emailing us at

Please read our warranty summary here. A complete warranty policy was included in the original packaging with your FireBoard.

Send the equipment in question back to our lab at the following address:
FireBoard Labs
3305 Terrace St, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64111

Please include your name, contact info and if not purchased directly through us at, please provide information regarding where you purchased the equipment. Also include a brief description of the problem. Please make sure to note your return shipping address.

If the equipment is under warranty, we will inspect the equipment and determine the nature of the issue. If the repairs are under warranty, we will repair or replace the equipment free of charge and send back to you on a timely basis. Remember: probes include a 6 month warranty and the FireBoard unit and accessories include a one year warranty

We strive to make all repairs on a timely basis (usually within the week) if possible. We also intentionally price any repairs that are outside the scope of warranty work as reasonable as possible in an effort to support our customers.