Screen Views

For the purposes of this guide, the top of the Fireboard has the FireBoard logo and the bottom has the probe and charging ports.

Multi-Channel Temp View

Using the top button, navigate to the Multi-Channel View.

On this display, pressing the middle button will change the channel selection. Once the desired channel is selected, simply stop pressing the button.

The bottom button will cycle through two different view options for the channels:

Single Channel Temp View

Using the top button, navigate to the Single Channel View. You can change the selected channel by pressing the middle button. Pressing the bottom button will display Drive information if you have a fan connected. More information about using a fan can be found in the Drive Operations section.

The FBX2 requires the FireBoard Drive Cable in order to use a fan, while the FBX2D and FBX2K allow a fan to plug directly into the unit. The FireBoard was designed to be compatible with a majority of fans on the market: make sure you are familiar with the compatible fan requirements.

Channel Graph View

This screen shows the graph of the temperature for the selected channel; use the top button to navigate to this screen. Press the middle button to change the selected channel being viewed.

On this screen, pressing the bottom button will adjust the temperature chart range, as indicated in the bottom right corner. Options are:

Multi-Channel Temp & Single Channel Graph

After pressing the top bottom to arrive at this screen, you’ll see the temperatures for all channels with probes along the top and a graph of the selected channel temperatures at the bottom. Pressing the middle button will change the selected channel so you can view a different temperature graph. As with the Single Channel Graph View, the bottom button adjusts the temperature chart range, with 1M, 30M, 1H, and 12H options.