A new session will automatically start once temperature data is being pushed. To manually start a session:

Sessions will automatically close after 30 minutes of inactivity (no temperature data). Max session length is 24 hours: a session will automatically roll over into a new session after 24 hours have elapsed.

Modifying Sessions

Details about the session can be modified from the Session Detail page:

Here, you can give your session a unique name, adjust the start and/or end time, and add additional information in the Description section.

You can also edit a session from the Chart view.

Adding Notes & Photos

Keep track of important events along your session timeline by using the Notes feature.

Each note can be assigned a time and channel, along with descriptive text and multiple images. This will be represented by a point on the session chart for easy reference.

Notes can be added via the Session widget on the dashboard or from the Session Detail page.

You can also add a note from the Chart view. Simply tap the point on the chart where you wish to add a note, then tap the “+” symbol within the pop-up on the chart.

Sharing Sessions

Share your FireBoard session with others by tapping the Share icon in the App or browser window while viewing a session. Your live temperature data, session notes, chart, and Drive data will be viewable through a URL that can be shared via social media, email, or copying the link to your clipboard.

If you change your mind after sharing your session, you can disable the shared link at any time by editing your session and turning off the “Share” toggle.

Deleting Sessions

Sessions can be deleted in the App and through Once a session is deleted, it will be removed from your account.

To delete a session in iOS:

To delete a session in Android:

To delete a session from

Downloading Your Data

Temperature readings can be downloaded at any time through the web portal at Find your session in the list, then click one of the Download links in the upper right.

The resulting file is a CSV formatted document, easily opened by most spreadsheet software. View a sample of the data here.