Stay up to date on your temperatures with alerts.

Setting Alerts

Multiple alerts can be configured for each channel.

Multiple phone numbers and emails can be added for notifications.

In order to receive in-app notifications, you will need this capability enabled (allowed) for the FireBoard App.

Allowing in-app notifications is a choice typically presented at the initial app installation. To receive Email/SMS notifications, make sure you have an active email and/or phone number defined in your account settings. This setting is located as described above or via Settings > Manage Account.

App Notifications are unlimited; however, the following limitations are in place for both email and SMS/text notifications:

To delete an alert, simply tap on the alert icon on the left side of the alert details. Tap “OK” in the prompt box to delete or “Cancel” if you would like to keep the alert.

Alert Parameters

Parameter Description
Max/Min Temp Thresholds for alert condition: one or both can be set. Maximum temperature alerts will be triggered if the temperature meets or exceeds that value. Minimum temperature alerts will be triggered if the temperature meets or is below that value.
Minutes Buffer Alerts will not fire unless conditions exist longer than this value. The default value is 0.
Email, SMS (Text), App Notifications Toggle your notification preference(s).
Custom Start/End Times Define when alerts are active. Alerts will fire only inside of this time window. By default, this window is all day.
Minutes Repeat Specify how often alerts will repeat once alert conditions are triggered. Default is 30 minutes, minimum is 5 minutes, max is 1440 minutes.

Failsafe Alerts

If you are receiving App alerts even after your FireBoard session is over, odds are that your channel’s Failsafe monitor is enabled. To disable:

The Failsafe monitor was designed to notify you if your FireBoard has lost power or stopped pushing temperature data. The primary users of this feature are monitoring cold storage units, where uptime is critical, but it is also great for those long cooks on the smoker when you need to be somewhere else.