Drive Blower

The Drive Blower offered in our online shop is a variable speed, 20CFM blower. The product is designed to allow easy mounting onto many smokers using the included adapters plates:

Some grill or smoker models will require a nozzle adapter or a ball valve adapter. These adapters are sold separately on our store.

This variable speed blower can be powered by FireBoard’s internal battery or with 12V, acquired from the FireBoard 2 Drive or FireBoard 2 Pro’s USB-C charger or via the 12V input on the Drive Fan Cable needed for fan operations with the FireBoard 2 or first generation FireBoard.

Measure the vent on your grill/smoker to determine if the FireBoard Drive Blower will fit. You may need one of the included adapter plates or the nozzle or ball valve adapter.


The FireBoard Drive Blower has the following specifications:

FireBoard Blower Parts


Adapter Plates

Depending on your grill or smoker vent size, the Drive Blower may attach without an adapter. When ordered from our shop, the Drive Blower comes with two adapter plates:

To attach an adapter plate:

  1. Determine which size plate is the best fit for your grill or smoker.
  2. Loosen the thumb screws on either side of the blower.
  3. Slide the adapter rails up slightly. Do not slide them completely off of the blower.
  4. Apply gentle pressure to the rails, drawing them slightly towards each other.
  5. Slide the adapter plate over the rails and rest on the opening of the blower. Note that the notches in the adapter plate should be under the right angle portion of the rails.
  6. Slide the prongs back down. The plate should now be held by the rails.
  7. Tighten the thumb screws.

The FireBoard Drive Blower Introduction video on our YouTube channel offers further guidance for installation.

Nozzle Adapter

The nozzle adapter is typically used for kettle style smokers and grills or a cooker with a pinwheel style vent.


View the nozzle adapter installation video on our YouTube channel for more information.

Find the nozzle adapter on the FireBoard Store.

Ball Valve Adapter

Many drum or cabinet smokers have ball valve fittings. The ball valve adapter can be mounted on almost any standard pipe threading.

Adapter threading and dimensions:

View the ball valve adapter installation video on our YouTube channel for more information.

Find the ball valve adapter on the FireBoard Store.

FireBoard Blower Compatibility

This table is to help you determine if the FireBoard Blower, either with an adapter plate (included with the Drive Blower) or separate adapter (sold separately), is compatible with your style of cooker. There are so many styles of cookers on the market that it is impossible for us to have a comprehensive list.

The best way to determine compatibility is to measure the vent on your cooker and compare it to the adapter plate or adapter specifications.

Cooker FireBoard Blower Compatible?
Primo Kamado Yes
Med & Large BGE Yes
Kamado Joe Yes (some versions will require adapter plate modification)
Weber Kettle Yes (nozzle adapter)
Weber Smokey Mountain Yes (nozzle adapter)
Weber Kamado Yes (nozzle adapter)
Pit Barrel Cooker Yes (nozzle adapter)
UDS Yes (ball valve adapter)
Drum Smoker Yes (ball valve adapter)
Oklahoma Joe’s Drum Smoker Yes (ball valve adapter)
PK360 Yes - use rails to mount inside grommet