Connecting and Setup

Your FireBoard Drive Fan Control cable can be plugged into the FireBoard’s auxiliary port. The FireBoard (if loaded with up to date firmware) should automatically detect the cable and display a fan icon. If your FireBoard hasn’t been online recently, make sure to bring it online and let it download the most recent firmware, which should take anywhere between 5-20 minutes. The OTA update will happen automatically. You’ll also want to make sure your FireBoard app is up to date with the latest version.

Using a Fan with Fire

Using a fan to precisely maintain a charcoal or wood fire is a perfect mix of modern technology and caveman instincts!

Successfully using a fan to manage your fire depends primarily on two factors: proper smoker setup and an abundant supply of fuel.

Before using a fan - make sure you are familiar with how to maintain a reasonably steady fire using the vents on your smoker. Ideally, the fan’s job is simply to provide small amounts variably throughout your cook to keep the temperature at the setpoint - as opposed to running at a high speed for long periods of time. For most smokers, closing off all lower vents and opening the exhaust vent slightly provides the most controllable environment for your fan.

Make sure your fire has an abundant fuel supply. You’ll get more consistent results if your fan has enough fuel to work with. You likely need more fuel if you notice your fan running at higher speeds for longer periods of time.

Compatible Fans

The FireBoard Drive Fan Cable is designed to work with many other fans on the market - the only requirements are that they operate on 12 volts and have a 2.5mm barrel plug. If you’re unsure if your fan will work, please ask us at

Powering your Fan

The fan can be driven solely off of the FireBoard’s internal battery or by attaching the included 12V power supply to the fan cable.

Fan performance when running on battery power alone is subject to the type of fan being used and the efficiency of your smoker. Some larger fans (15+ CFM) require more voltage to begin spinning - you may notice the fan motor not engaging until the reported speed reaches 20% or more. Additionally, some larger fans may not reach 100% speed on battery power alone. If you have a larger fan, or are smoking for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to plug in the included 12V power supply. Not only will you have plenty of power to drive you fan, but your FireBoard’s battery will also receive a charge.

Downloads & Media

Download the FireBoard Drive Fan Cable User Guide