Drive Basics

The FireBoard 2 Drive and FireBoard 2 Pro allow a fan to plug directly into the unit via the 2.5mm barrel plug. The FireBoard 2 and first generation FireBoard (FBX11) require a FireBoard Drive Fan Cable, which plugs into the FireBoard’s auxiliary port. The FireBoard will automatically detect the fan or cable and display a fan icon.

If your FireBoard has not been online recently, make sure to connect it to WiFi and let it download the most recent firmware, which should take anywhere between 5-20 minutes. The OTA update will happen automatically. You’ll also want to make sure your FireBoard App is up to date with the latest version.

The FireBoard Drive system was designed to be easy to use. Set a temperature for the Drive system to hold (set point) and the control logic will maintain the desired temperature. Establishing a fire with a slightly falling temperature profile will let FireBoard Drive jump into action once the temperature approaches your setpoint. The fan’s speed will adapt to keep your temperatures in the zone.

Drive via the FireBoard App

A fan must be connected in order to operate Drive functions.

Drive has three views on charts within the FireBoard App:

  1. No fan
  2. Fan and probe temperature
  3. Fan only

To view fan use on charts in the App:

Visit the Drive Programs section to learn about creating and running Drive programs.

Control Channel & Set Point

Entering a set point will turn the Drive mode to Auto.

Drive Modes

In the FireBoard App, you can toggle Drive modes by tapping Mode.

Auto Mode

After designating a control channel and set point, the fan will adjust speed to reach the set point temperature.

If you are in Manual or Off mode and toggle to Auto, you will be prompted to enter a Set Point.

Manual Mode

Tap Fan Speed to manually enter a fan speed percentage. This will automatically adjust Drive to “Manual” mode.

If you tap Mode and select Manual, you will be prompted to enter a fan speed.

Off Mode

Turns off Drive functions.

Set Point

When “Auto” mode is selected, press the button next to “Set Point” to select a temperature. Set Point options include the following, in rotation:

Release the button when the desired Set Point temperature is displayed.

Drive via the FireBoard

Basic operation of Drive functions is also possible on the FireBoard unit.

A fan must be connected to operate Drive functions.

Drive Buttons: FireBoard 2 Series

To view Drive options on your FBX2/FBX2D/FBX2K:

Manual: Press the button next to “Fan Speed” to manually set a fan speed.

Auto: Press the button next to “Set Point” to cycle through setpoint options (see above).

Off: Turn off Drive functions.

Drive Button: FBX11

To operate Drive functions on the FBX11:

The selected option will engage after 3 seconds.