Probe Care & Maintenance

Temperature probes undergo a great deal of wear and tear, even in most normal cooking scenarios. The sensors inside of the probes can be damaged by shock (dropping) or moisture. Please use care when handling the probes.


Use a soapy cloth with warm water to wipe away any buildup or debris from the probe and the cable. Be careful not to not pull or kink the probe cable. The probes and cable should not be submerged in water or placed in a dishwasher; doing so can lead to water damage.

Maintenance and Care

FireBoard probes should not be placed directly over or next to heating elements, open flame, or hot coals. These situations can lead to temperatures much greater than your probe’s maximum temperature rating (572°F for Thermistors, 716°F for RTD).

Use a FireBoard Probe Pouches to keep your probe cables free of kinks and tangles. Tight bends in the cable can lead to errant readings and possible probe failure.

Running your probe wires under the lid of a smoker or oven is acceptable as long as the cable is not in tight contact with hot surfaces approaching the maximum temperature rating. If possible, a probe port or other through-hole is a better option for extended use.

Probe Warranty

We offer a 6 month warranty on all our probes. If you are within this warranty time frame and do not get the expected results of your probe accuracy test, please email us at