If you believe the battery is not charging normally, please try to charge the unit for 24 hours while connected to WiFi. If a problem does exist with the battery, FireBoard Customer Service can look at the device log info to determine whether the unit was charging correctly over the 24 hour charge.

The FireBoard consumes a minimal amount of power while in the ‘off’ state to maintain its internal realtime clock. A fully charged FireBoard should retain a substantial amount of charge over 2-3 months. Longer periods beyond this will likely require charging before use.

As a battery gets older, the useful capacity slowly diminishes. This is a normal phenomenon with Li-Ion batteries. The battery can be replaced by sending the main unit back to the FireBoard home office.

After following all these steps and the result in powering the FireBoard does not improve, it will likely need to be returned to our lab for repair. Please follow the Repair & Warranty Procedure.