Drive Programs

Drive Programs take your FireBoard’s functionality to the next level by smartly managing a temperature profile throughout your session.

Creating a Drive Program

Drive Programs are accessible in the FireBoard app through the Programs tab. All of your programs will be available in this list, ready to launch on your FireBoard or available to manage and refine.

Create a new Drive Program by clicking the Add Drive Program button. As a shortcut, we provide quick links to start a program based on time, temperature, or custom criteria. Your choice will preload default values into your program but these can be changed and modified at any time.

The Drive Program detail page allows you to set basic information for your Program, like title and details, as well as a button to add new steps. Changes made on this form are saved to your account in realtime.

Adding Steps

The steps in a Drive Program tell your FireBoard what temperature to maintain and for how long, based on either temperature, time or both. All steps require a setpoint temperature to be entered.

Temperature Based Steps

Setting a target temperature value for a step will tell the FireBoard to maintain the setpoint until the temperature of the selected channel reaches the value set. For instance, if cooking chicken you might create a step with a setpoint of 325°F and set the target temperature to 165°F. Once the chicken reaches 165°F, the step will be completed.

Time Based Steps

Setting a time (duration) value for a step will tell the FireBoard to maintain the setpoint temperature until the specified amount of time has passed. For example, a step could be created using a setpoint of 190°F and a duration of 2 hours, allowing your food to take on some “smoke” for two hours, then move on to the next step. The timer begins immediately when the program, or step, begins

Combining temperature and time into one step

A step can have both a target temperature and a duration. The first of the two conditions to be met will complete the step. For example, a step with a target temperature of 165°F and a duration of 1 hour will be completed after one hour elapses. Likewise, the step will be completed if the target temperature reaches 165°F prior to one hour passing.

Adding steps / custom program

Drive Programs can consist of multiple steps - letting you be creative with your temperature profile!

Hold steps

By default, a Hold step is added to the end of Programs created. These steps are intended to bring the setpoint temperature down to a reasonable temperature for holding meat after a cook. These steps can be removed if desired. To add a Hold step, simply toggle the Hold selector at the bottom of the last step in your Program and enter a temperature.

Running a Drive Program

Once your Drive Program is configured, it can be started on your FireBoard by pressing the Start Program button at the bottom of the Drive Program detail page. A status bar will be displayed at the top of the dashboard and Drive Program screens in the app, displaying total elapsed Program time and current status. Statuses include: running, paused, and completed.

Manipulating the Program while Running

Drive Program steps can be updated and modified while the program is running. If a step is currently active, a pause button will be displayed next to the step on the Drive Program detail page. Pressing the pause button will pause the entire program, holding all variables steady until the Resume/Play button is pressed.

Time based steps can be modified as well by dragging the small slider displayed when the step is active. For instance, during an hour long step, the slider can be dragged to the right, reducing the remaining time left in the step. This may be useful if your food is cooking faster than expected!

Any step can be ran by simply clicking its row in the list of steps. If you wish to re-run a step, simply click its row in the table to set the Program back to that step - or press a step ahead to move the Program forward.