FireBoard Spark is a device that combines a fast instant-read thermometer with a leave-in probe for longer term temperature tracking. Spark is fully cloud connected and offers a host of useful features.

Please connect your Spark to your wireless network to ensure it can receive the latest Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Instructions on how to setup wireless can be found here.

The Spark powers-on by extending the instant read probe or by pressing the function button. The LCD screen will display temperature readings while using the built-in thermocouple probe or when plugging in an external probe for monitoring.

FireBoard Spark User Guide - PDF

FireBoard Spark Overview

LED Indicator

Color Status
Green, single flash WiFi connection established
Blue, single flash Bluetooth connection established
Orange, single flash Temperature reading recorded
Purple, single flash NFC tag scanned, ready to tag/label temperature reading
Steady Red, Orange, Green Color indicates level of battery charge while USB is plugged in, from Red (low battery) to Green (fully charged)

NFC Functionality

Patent pending technology makes labeling instant-read temperatures a breeze. A simple NFC scan associates temperature data and is automatically pushed to the FireBoard Cloud. The NFC antenna is located on the bottom of the Spark case, designated with a wireless icon on the housing. Simply tap the NFC tag to that spot and the Spark will blink a quick purple status light, indicating the next reading will be tied to this NFC tag.

NFC tag information is stored within your FireBoard account and easily managed on the Settings page of the FireBoard app.

IP66 Waterproof Rating

The Spark meets the IP66 waterproof rating: Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. This rating makes the Spark an excellent choice in all cooking environments.

Do not submerge your Spark or run through a cycle in a dishwasher

Battery Life and Expectations

The Spark is designed for efficient power management - with a full battery charge providing 12+ months of use. Normal use is considered to be periodic temperature readings with the instant read probe. Extended monitoring situations - leaving the instant-read probe open or using a leave-in probe will reduce the battery life, depending on usage.

The Spark’s battery is 2600mA Li-Ion.