Account & Activation FAQ

I can’t log in to the app with my account, what should I do?
Make sure you’ve got a FireBoard Cloud account. This is not the same account you created during checkout through our store.

Why won’t my FireBoard show up in my app?
A FireBoard can only be assigned to one account. If you are creating a new Cloud account, or giving away or selling your FireBoard, then you will need to remove the FireBoard from your account.

I’ve created an account but still can’t activate my FireBoard. Now what?
It’s possible your FireBoard is attempting to connect to another Bluetooth enabled device. Disable Bluetooth on nearby devices and attempt to connect again. See the Bluetooth FAQ section for additional Bluetooth tips.

Can I have more than one FireBoard on an account?
Yes! You can have multiple FireBoards on one FireBoard Cloud account.

What is a FireBoard store account?
You may have opted to create an account on our store during checkout. Remember, the Store account is not tied to the FireBoard Cloud account; you still need to create a FireBoard Cloud account before using your FireBoard.

View your FireBoard store profile here, or edit your FireBoard store profile and change password here.