Drive FAQ

Do you need a drive cable for the Fireboard 2 models?
As with the FBX11 model, the FireBoard 2 unit (FBX2) will require a Drive Cable to operate a fan. The FireBoard 2 Drive (FBX2D) and FireBoard 2 Pro (FBX2K) have an integrated 2.5mm barrel plug for a fan to plug directly into the unit, no Drive Cable required.

Do you need to have the Drive Cable plugged in to power to run a fan?
The Drive Cable will pull power from your FireBoard to run your fan. However, the FireBoard’s runtime will be reduced when operating a fan due to more power being used to run both the fan and the FireBoard. Make sure to check on the battery if not plugged into power.

Additionally, the fan may not reach full speed on battery power alone.

When you have your Drive Cable plugged into power, it will power your fan and charge your FireBoard.

Will the Fireboard Drive Blower work with my grill/smoker?
The FireBoard Drive Blower comes with two adapter plates that should allow installation on a variety of grills and smokers. We also have ball valve and nozzle adapters available.

There are numerous grills and smokers on the market, and sometimes fan installation takes a bit of measuring and trial and error. Measure the vent on your grill/smoker and look at the FireBoard Drive Blower specifications to determine if it will fit. We also continue to update our FireBoard Drive Blower Compatibility chart.

Can I use the fan I already have?
Probably. The FireBoards were designed to be compatible with most fans. If your fan has a 2.5mm barrel plug and runs on 12V, it will likely work with a FireBoard.

Can I run two fans on one FireBoard?
While some users have found success with a y-splitter to run two fans on one FireBoard, the Drive Program will only recognize one fan at a time. If you need to run two fans on different settings, you can operate two FireBoard on the App, each with its own fan and Drive Program.

Why isn’t my fan running?
First, check to make sure which control channel your fan is monitoring. If your Drive Program is watching a food rather than an ambient probe, the fan will operate based on those temperatures.

The FireBoard controls the fan in real time: depending on the current temperature, it may be pulling back if the temperature is rising. The data shown in the app lags behind by about 15 seconds; it’s possible the fan can be running for a moment when the app says it’s not, and vice versa.

Sometimes the FireBoard battery level drops low enough that it cannot power the fan; in this case, try plugging your FireBoard in to the charger. See Powering Your Fan for more information.

You may need to disable the Lid Detect feature: if you FireBoard detects a rapid drop in temperature, it will assume the lid has been opened and stop running the fan for a bit.

If you’re using a large fan, you may need to change the fan mode

My fan is set to 100% but it won’t go that fast. Why?
Your fan may need more power to reach max speed. Try plugging the FireBoard in to get your fan speed to increase.

Why can’t I see the fan speed on my chart?
Tap “Drive” in the top right corner to toggle Drive views in the FireBoard App.

Why do I keep overshooting my set point?
A variety of reason can contribute to this: visit the Overshooting section for tips.