Menu Options

The Spark’s menu interface was designed to be intuitive and easy to operate with one button. Long pressing the function button will trigger the menu display. Single presses of the function button will cycle through the available options in the menu. Select a menu option by long-pressing once again.



For users with multiple FireBoards, SyncMode™ allows the Spark to act as a remote monitor for other active devices in your account. Turning this feature on while connected to WiFi will display realtime temperature data from your other devices on the screen of the Spark.

Degree Units

Set your Spark to measure in C° or F°


Specify the precision displayed on the Spark screen: one decimal or whole numbers.


Adjust the brightness of your Spark’s LCD


Adjust the contrast of your Spark’s LCD

Invert Screen

The default display mode of the Spark is white text on a black screen. Enable this option to show black on white.

Save Temps

The Spark will automatically choose which temperature readings to retain (Auto-Hold), based on when temperatures stabilize. Change this option to All to retain all readings from the thermocouple probe.

Device Info

This screen displays pertinent information about the device

Factory Reset

In the rare occasion a factory reset needs to be performed, follow the instructions on this screen.