Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smoker Partnership

Yoder Smokers has partnered with FireBoard Labs in order to bring top notch technology to their Pellet smoker line in the “S” series. With WiFI and Bluetooth capabilities, the temperature monitoring system from FireBoard is integrated in these specific smokers. This is a convenient and time-saving benefit that allows consumers to monitor their food and smoker temps from afar via smartphone, tablet, or computer through the FireBoard App.

Yoder Hopper

Adding the Yoder Smoker & FireBoard to the App

The Yoder Pellet Smokers have two ports for the temperature probes, either food or ambient probes. At some point it may be necessary to incorporate additional temperature ports, which can be done by using a stand alone FireBoard along with the Yoder. Both can be connected to the App, and temperatures can be monitored at the same time. Combining these two tools would allow over nine ports to record. Shop all FireBoards.

Yoder Smoker Customer Service

We at FireBoard are happy to answer any questions about the Yoder FireBoard and the FireBoard App and how they function.

To contact Yoder Smoker customer support, email customerservice@yodersmokers.com or call 877-409-6337

A great place to join the discussion about the Yoder Smokers is on the their community forum.


Question Answer
Are FireBoard Thermistor probes compatible with my Yoder? Yes
Are FireBoard RTD probes compatible with my Yoder? No
Can I run a FireBoard and Yoder Smoker in my FireBoard App? Yes
Will the FireBoard App control the Yoder’s temperature? Yes