Mobile App/Firmware Versions

This page reflects the current versions of FireBoard mobile apps and the latest firmware packages for the FireBoard devices. All FireBoards should automatically download the latest firmware version via Over-The-Air updates within 15-20 mins of being connected via WiFi.

The last update of this page was: May 24, 2020.

Mobile Apps

App Version
iOS 4.3.4
Android 3.2.9

FBX11D/FBX11E/FBX11F Firmware

Device Version
FBX11D version 1.2.0
FBX11E version 1.2.0

FBX11/FBX11B/FBX11C Firmware

Device Version
versionJava 9.2.3
versionNode 5.0.0
versionUtils 6.3.2

Firmware versions can be viewed by looking at a Device Log on the “Devices” page of the app.