Tracking temperatures

Start logging temperature data by plugging a probe into one of the 6 available channels. Your FireBoard takes a temperature reading every 5 seconds for each probe connected.

View your temperature readings in the App on the Dashboard. We offer two views of the Dashboard: Chart and Detail.

Chart View Dashboard

The Chart View will display current real-time temperatures across the top of the screen. The temperature data is also rendered into the chart at the bottom of the screen. Tapping a data series on the chart will display time and temperature information about the highlighted point. Double tapping or pinching the chart will zoom in to a smaller time resolution, drag the chart left or right to pan through the time series.

Clicking the channel information above will open the Channel Configuration screen. Here you can change the channel’s label and other options, learn more in Customizing your Channels.

List View Dashboard

The List View provides a more detailed view of your current temperature data. The channels are stacked vertically down the screen, displaying not only the current temperature, but the max/min values of alerts set, a last updated timestamp, and a sparkline chart displaying the channel’s temperature data. Like the chart view dashboard, clicking the channel information will open the Channel Configuration screen. Clicking the sparkline chart for the channel will open the Single Channel View screen, featuring a zoomable chart for the channel’s data, as well as a date-range tool to view historical temperature data. Up to two weeks of data can be displayed on the Single Channel chart!