Reading Temperature

Using your FireBoard Thermometer is simple! Just turn it on (hold the power button), and connect your temperature probes.

Once you’ve connected temperature probes, the FireBoard will automatically start logging temperatures and displaying them on screen. Once you’ve added the FireBoard to your account - you’re ready to start tracking your temperatures remotely, keep detailed notes on your sessions, get temperature alerts, and much more.

Note the FireBoard will automatically re-connect to any wireless networks which have been previously configured and are still available. Temperatures are also always available over Bluetooth, provided it is in range (approx 100’) – see Getting Connected via Bluetooth. A new session will automatically be started once temperature data is being pushed. Sessions will automatically close after 30 minutes of inactivity. You can easily modify the session name and add notes via the Sessions view of the app – see more information on Session Management here.

FBX11 Kit