Drive Operation

Using the FireBoard Drive system is designed to be easy. Set a temperature for the Drive system to hold and let the control logic work its magic to maintain the desired temperature.

Operating via FireBoard mobile app

The “Drive” tab, or menu choice, should be available via the FireBoard mobile app. This view allows a user to set a manual fan speed or a desired setpoint. Simply click on the set point label to modify or set a value. Be sure to choose which channel is configured as the control channel. The control channel can be any channel on the FireBoard, and will be used as the input in the control logic.

Operating via the FireBoard

Basic operation of the Drive is provided on the FireBoard device itself by holding the select button, then rotating through the options using select. Once the desired setting is displayed, simply leave the choice selected and after 3 seconds the option will engage.

Drive options include the following, in a rotation: