Drive Fan Cable

The Drive Fan Cable is needed to operate a fan on the FBX2 and FBX11 models.

FireBoard Drive Fan Cable User Guide

The Drive Cable is much more than just an 8-pin “Mini-Din” cable. The cable contains precision power circuitry to boost voltage from the FireBoard battery and thereby operate a 12V fan off the internal li-ion battery. The Drive Cable also contains the circuitry to control fans at variable speed (variable voltages), achieving better temperature control. In addition, the Drive Cable accepts external 12V power, providing power to the fan and allowing full fan speed operation. The 12V external power will back-charge the FireBoard and keep it running for long cooks.

Why the two versions: speaker/non-speaker?

While the Drive Cable was initially designed with an integrated speaker, many customers found the audible alerts to be unnecessary; for most, the alert capability from the FireBoard App was sufficient.

The main version of the Drive Cable now sold is the non-speaker version, available at a lower price point. The version including the speaker is still available at the same original price and provides a great way to monitor and alert when WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity is not readily available.

Internal Speaker

The Drive Fan Cable has an internal speaker which can be helpful to signal alerts without the use of the FireBoard App. This is useful in a scenario where the FireBoard doesn’t have a WiFi connection and the alerts would not be triggered on the mobile app. Since the speaker can be quite loud, you may prefer to disable this feature by switching the toggle to “off” on the “Settings” page.