Auto-hold is a convenient feature which detects when an instant-read temperature has been established (usually within 1-2 seconds). Enabled by default, the Auto-hold feature will save and push the temperature value to the user’s FireBoard account.

The Auto-hold feature can be turned off via the Settings menu. By turning off the Auto-hold feature, the instant read probe will perform similar to a normal FireBoard probe and it will push temperature data up the cloud every 5 seconds. Note with Auto-hold off the temperature data will be stored and the data will be plotted on the chart. With Auto-hold enabled, the data will not be plotted by default and instead

The last item in the Settings Menu allows a user to toggle between “Save Temps: Auto” (aka Auto-hold) or “Save Temps: All” which will record each 5 second reading. Below is a view of the Auto-hold configuration in the Spark Settings menu.

FireBoard Spark Overview